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InfinVive is looking to raise the standard for how business is done. Tearfund is a Christian charity which partners with churches in more than 50 of the world’s poorest countries. We tackle poverty and injustice through sustainable development, by responding to disasters and challenging injustice. We believe an end to extreme poverty is possible. Thousands of people needlessly suffer and die every day because of poverty. But that’s not God’s plan for the world. And God is calling you – all of us – to reach out to people in greatest need. We partner with local churches and organisations who have a crucial role to play in the places worst affected by poverty.

Raising the standard for how business is done

Our mission through our partnership with the Tearfund is to "Build Peace and Security for, Expand Awareness of and Show Solidarity with the Oppressed, the Needy, the Migrant and the Poor. All for the Love of God and the Neighbor through Hope and Mercy." Only with your help can this be possible.

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