About Jack Zamora MD

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About Jack Zamora MD

About Jack Zamora MD

Jack Zamora, M.D. is an oculofacial plastic surgeon and a pioneer in plasma treatments and stem cell technology. Specializing in innovative cosmetic applications for the face, eyes, and body, Dr. Zamora is a leader in minimally invasive treatments. He is the medical director of several offices throughout Colorado, offering select surgical and non-surgical facial refinement, skin rejuvenation, and body sculpting services.

Creator of J-Plazty®

Dr. Zamora is known for exceptional patient care and state-of-the-art procedures
that achieve natural looking results with as little downtime as possible. As the creator of J-Plazty® Skin Tightening, Dr. Zamora has received national and international attention for his revolutionary technique. J-Plazty® is a minimally invasive procedure which uses Renuvion plasma energy subdermally to instantly tighten and rejuvenate skin anywhere on the face and body without large incisions, downtime, or the complications of traditional surgery.

As an authority on skin tightening applications, Dr. Zamora is an international trainer for J-Plazty, Apyx Medical, and Bausch Health Companies Inc., and offers his expertise to physicians from around the globe. He is a regular speaker and consultant, has been featured on The Doctors TV Show, and has written on the techniques and parameters of soft tissue coagulation and subcutaneous neck skin plasma tightening.

In an ever-evolving aesthetic industry, Dr. Zamora is always on the forefront of the latest technologies, and his serendipitous meeting with Vitro BioPharma has kept him on this path as he has partnered with the stem cell technology company based out of Golden, Colorado. Dr. Zamora was drawn to Vitro BioPharma not only because of their ultra-pure stem cell products, but because of their mission to improve lives and patient outcomes.

Vitro Biopharma Stem Cell Research 

Vitro BioPharma produces cell lines, media and stem cell products used in clinical trials and treatments around the world. With an FDA registered, cGMP compliant and ISO 9001 certified laboratory, Vitro BioPharma only uses American Association of Tissue Bank (AATB) certified suppliers of full-term, ethically U.S. donated human umbilical cords. Used by Fisher Scientific, GioStar, and University of Illinois-Peoria, Department of Cancer Biology and Pharmacology, Vitro Biopharma stem cell therapies treat critically ill patients and other conditions including multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, Crohn’s disease and numerous medical conditions that are under-treated by the current standard of care.

Founder of InviniVive Stem Cell Serums 

In 2018 Dr. Zamora collaborated with Vitro BioPharma in the development and distribution of InfiniVive MD, the stem cell based facial and skincare product line, private labeled for global distribution. InfiniVive MD is the highest quality cGMP-grade topical cosmetic stem cell serum containing ultra-pure mesenchymal stem cells and exosomes.

Aesthetic professionals use Infinivive MD cosmetic serums with ablative and non-ablative treatments for the InfiniVive MD Facial. The partnership started with a cosmetic product line and has progressed with Dr. Zamora being named Chief Medical Advisor of Vitro BioPharma. With the global pandemic and a growing need for COVID-19 treatment, Vitro BioPharma was approved for clinical trials for IV infusion of their AlloRx Stem Cells and have successfully treated critically ill COVID-19 patients. Dr. Zamora will be focusing on global treatments and has reached out to various Ministries of Health worldwide with this promising news.

When Dr. Zamora developed the InfiniVive MD product, he knew the cosmetic product line would be impressive, but he also knew there was a greater purpose with stem cell science. He created the Infinite Giving program and each InfiniVive MD provider knows that a portion of their cosmetic product purchase goes back to Vitro BioPharma to continue their work to cure debilitating diseases and improve quality of life.

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